Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a remarkable cosmetic enhancement performed by carefully injecting dermal fillers into key points to add natural structure and volume to the lips. This gives the lips a fuller appearance and added definition, smoothing away wrinkles and dramatically decreasing the thinning appearance that often accompanies regular aging.

Other lip enhancements available include the removal of lines at the corners of the mouth, reduction or elimination of “marionette” lines that form at the edge of the lips, and greater definition of the elegant ridges that run between the nostrils and the lips. Once the filler is placed, our treatment professionals will massage the areas to create the smooth and natural look for which lip augmentation has become so well known.

Lip augmentation has minimal discomfort and numbing agents can be applied topically to eliminate any discomfort. The type of anaesthesia used for lip augmentation depends on the technique being used.

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