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If you’ve always longed for longer, fuller, darker lashes, Latisse® may be the answer you’ve been seeking. A prescription treatment application for at-home use, Latisse® is an FDA approved treatment that grows eyelashes and makes them thicker, stronger, and more full. Latisse® is an easy-to-use, daily, home- application product that is low-risk with minimal chance of complications. Applying Latisse® is similar to applying regular mascara products and is easily completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you’re ready to have naturally luscious lashes, the professionals at Angel Gloss can provide you with all of the important information to help you determine if Latisse® is the right option for you. Our doctors will help evaluate your personal ophthalmological profile for Latisse®. This product is appropriate for most individuals and doesn’t interfere with contact lens use.

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