IPL Light Therapy

IPL light therapy

IPL (or Intense Pulsed Light) are high intensity, non-laser light sources that create intense light pulses produced by a burst of electrical current. IPL devices are considered to be one of the best approaches to cosmetic treatment of conditions such as vascular lesions, unwanted hair, and pigmented lesions. IPL results are often as effective as those of laser treatments.

Hair colour and size are important factors in the effectiveness of IPL for Hair Removal and coarser, darker hair tends to be more effectively targeted than lighter, finer hair. IPL is appropriate for large surface areas such as the back, chest, and legs. Multiple treatment sessions result in finer and less prevalent hair growth. IPL treatments are versatile, safe, and effective.

Conditions treated with IPL include:

  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Hair Removal

The best IPL outcomes come from technician’s experience, training, and expertise. Improper use or technique can result in unwanted side effects and negative cosmetic outcomes. If you are considering IPL Light Therapy treatments, go with a clinic that has a proven track record of satisfied clients like Angel Gloss.