Hair Loss

Hair Loss

A significant number of men and women suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can be hereditary, a response to acute stress, an autoimmune dysfunction, or the result of styling-related stress on the hair follicles. Some hair loss occurs gradually through thinning, and others are sudden. Some instances of hair loss have the risk of permanent scarring, as well.

While common, hair loss can cause feelings of depression and embarrassment in those suffering from it. If you’re concerned that your hair is starting to thin, or you’ve already been diagnosed with one or more types of hair loss, Angel Gloss can help you. We know that great hair can be an important part of an individual’s identity and personal style and we can offer treatments with proven effectiveness in hair loss reversal:

  • Plasma Replacement Protein Therapy (PRP)
  • Latisse

Early intervention optimizes the effectiveness of these cutting-edge treatments. PRP is also more effective when the treating clinician is experienced in the treatment process. At Angel Gloss, our highly skilled experts have extensive experience providing patients with the exceptional care that ensures these treatments yield maximum results every time.