Double Chin

Double Chin

An extra layer of fat or flesh below the chin causes a “double chin”, the appearance of a secondary chin. This condition can result from a number of factors, including weight gain, age, genetics, and even posture. In the past, fixing a double chin required invasive surgical procedures, but advancements in cosmetic techniques means that clients can avoid now avoid surgical intervention when fixing their double chin.

At Angel Gloss, our professionals are making use of an innovative technology called Belkyra™ to remedy double chins. This revolutionary process consists of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that—when injected into the target area—destroy fat cell membranes, releasing the fat and permitting it to be naturally eliminated from the body. This results in a slimming effect on the chin, and once the desired profile is achieved, there is usually no need for re-treatment.

Belkyra™ injections take place in 15 to 20-minute sessions over time for gradual results, and there is very little downtime following the procedure.

We prefer these injections to reduce double chins due to their safety and effectiveness. This treatment has been Health Canada approved and our doctors will work with you and your desired profile to ensure that the timeline of treatments results in a natural progression of profile change. We usually combine this treatment with radio frequency treatments for skin laxity.

Treatments for double chin concerns include:

  • Belkyra™
  • Radio Frequency

If you are struggling with a sagging profile or double chin, our doctors and staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your vision, timeline, and needs.