Cellulite is a naturally occurring condition where skin takes on a dimpled or lumpy appearance due to the structure of the underlying fat. While cellulite can appear almost anywhere on the body, most typically clients are concerned with cellulite on the buttocks, lower abdomen, underarms, and thighs. Cellulite can be caused by a variety of factors and is more common in women than men. It is estimated that the vast majority of women have cellulite in some form.

Often, clients have worked extremely hard through lifestyle modifications—such as diet and exercise—to reduce cellulite and still aren’t able to achieve the desired results. Angel Gloss offers a number of cosmetic enhancement treatments to address cellulite’s problem areas.

Cellulite treatments include:

  • Radio Frequency Treatment
  • Mesotherapy

At Angel Gloss, we have extensive experience assisting clients in the evaluation of their cellulite treatment goals. We can recommend the right care for each individual’s unique needs, medical history, and goals. If you’re considering cosmetic enhancement services for cellulite treatment, let the professionals at Angel Gloss provide you with the information you need to get the results you want.