Birthmarks are common skin blemishes that are noticeable at birth or shortly after. While many birthmarks fade shortly after birth, others persist into adulthood and can be at a higher risk than others for becoming cancerous. Birthmarks that are located on or near waistlines can cause discomfort and irritation with clothing, while facial or limb birthmarks may be unsightly. Before, surgical excision was the default method of removing problematic birthmarks, but today’s leading cosmetic technology has created several non-invasive, non-surgical means of addressing unwanted birthmarks.

Treatments available for birthmarks include:

  • Dye-VL Treatment
  • Fractional Laser Treatment

Depending on size, location, and coloration, birthmarks can be uncomfortable and unattractive. For those who have decided to take steps to address these blemishes, Angel Gloss can offer you the technology and expertise necessary to provide leading birthmark removal treatments and care.