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Non-Surgical Nose Job in Toronto & Thornhill

Many people in Toronto and Thornhill would like to change the shape of their nose, but are apprehensive of the thought of surgery, and the possibility of complications or unfavorable cosmetic results.

non-surgical nose job procedureConventional invasive surgery to change the shape of the nose, rhinoplasty as it is known, can sometimes be disappointing and is not always easy to change if the patient decides that the new look is not what was wanted.

Considerable discomfort can also be a side effect for several days after invasive surgery, with extensive swelling and bruising, and extreme sensitivity to touch.

There is however a non-surgical treatment that is a safe, non-invasive alternative and can be carried out in around 20 minutes. The results are instant, there is no downtime, no general anaesthetic, and the usual activities of the day can be continued immediately after the treatment.

The procedure involves the injection of hyaluronic acid gel into areas around the nose and is suitable for noses that are slightly crooked, require enlargement, need straightening, or require more definition. A hooked nose can be straightened, a bump on the bridge of the nose can be smoothed, and even the tip of the nose can be raised.

Noses that have been damaged in an accident can be repaired, and many people who have undergone conventional rhinoplasty will use dermal filler treatment to achieve their final desired effect.

A consultation will take place before the treatment, during which your expectations will be discussed and our specialist will make recommendations based on your overall facial structure, for the nose should always be proportionate to the facial width and height.

Dermal filler is injected in small amounts into precise locations on the nose and then massaged by the specialist to achieve the desired shape. The patient is awake during the entire procedure and is able to view the results in a mirror, ensuring complete control of the finished shape.

The process is without discomfort, and an anaesthetic ointment can be applied to ensure that even the pinprick of the injection is not felt. There is no significant swelling, bruising or pain, and any minor effects will fade within a few days. A follow-up consultation is provided if required.

The results are immediate, and last from between six and 12 months. This allows you to change your requirements slightly as your face changes over time, and you will consequently always have a natural appearance. It will also allow for a degree of experimentation, if you wish, because the nose is perceived as being part of your face that really says much about your character.

No changes will be experienced to the usual functions of your nose, no matter how extensive the filler treatment has been. Your sense of smell, the act of blowing your nose, and the sensitivity of your nose will remain as before. Should you be unfortunate enough to experience an accidental knock or blow to your nose, there will be no complications arising from your dermal injections.

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