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Non-Surgical Face Lifting in Toronto & Thornhill

As the years pass we may look in the mirror and feel that our face is beginning to sag and droop. What is happening is that the elasticity of the skin is declining, our skin is losing its fullness and volume, and gravity is doing the rest. Eyelids, jowls, cheeks, lips all begin to sag, while nose tips droop, and grooves form on either side of the nose.

non-surgical face lifting procedureSurgical facelifts of course have been performed for many years, but they are expensive and can bring problems of their own in Toronto and Thornhill.

In more recent times however, dermal fillers have come to be used for highly effective non-surgical facelifts. Injectable fillers offer immediate results at a far lower cost than surgery, and because they utilize natural bodily processes the effect is natural.

There are a substantial number of these gels on the market, with each one performing a specific task. A qualified and experienced practitioner is therefore essential to achieve the desired appearance.

Injecting a combination of fillers under the skin, a process that is mapped out and supervised by our specialist, will deal with each of the specific problem areas.

The treatment will restore fullness to the facial contours, lift desired areas of the face, smooth away wrinkles and furrows, and leave you presenting a fresh and more youthful appearance to the world.

Cheeks, chin, nose, lips, jawline and forehead all readily respond to the dermal fillers, crow’s feet and frown lines melt away, and even the deep folds that run from the side of the nose to the mouth can be dealt with using deep-skin treatment.

The hyaluronic acid that is being injected softens, hydrates and adds volume to your skin, and aids the collagen and elastin underneath, giving the skin a more youthful texture. This in turn leads to a more radiant appearance, partly because the skin itself appears fresher and younger, and partly because of the self-confidence you will feel straight after receiving the treatment.

The injections produce immediate results with few if any after-effects beyond a little localized soreness that will disappear within a few days.Immediately after receiving your treatment you can resume your usual activities, even returning to your place of work and continuing your day as per normal.

Because the gels that are injected into your skin will eventually metabolize, the treatment is going to last between six months and a year. Although this means repeat treatments, it also means that your appearance will always be natural in relation to your age, and you will avoid the “frozen” look that is sometimes the result of invasive face-lift surgery.

It also means that you can continually modify your appearance to take into account the advancing years, and that you will always be in control of how you look.

There is no limit to the number of times the treatments can be carried out, and for anyone determined to age gracefully, injectable dermal fillers can become an easy part of the annual routine.