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Lip Augmentation Toronto

Lip augmentation performed by Dr. Reza Akef is a popular process amongst Toronto people, both the young and older. Dermal fillers will enhance the appearance of the mouth, giving a fuller appearance, adding definition, smoothing away wrinkles, and taking away the thin appearance that so often comes with age as our lips lose their underlying padding.

lip augmentation cosmetic procedureInjecting dermal filler into the lips and around the mouth will add shape, structure and volume in a natural way, and there will be no change in the normal functions of your mouth, such as eating, smiling and kissing. Your lips will remain completely mobile.

Collagen was once the most popular filler but is today used less often, its place having been taken by hyaluronic acid fillers, or sugar gels, with several different brand names on the market.

Today’s gels are safe and allow very focused enhancement work to take place to achieve lips that look and indeed are completely natural.

The effects will typically last around six months, after which more injections will be needed. This is because the filler, being a natural-based product, will gradually metabolize. There is an advantage here in that as you gradually age, you can control the appearance of your mouth so that it always looks entirely natural for your years.

Under a skilled cosmetic surgeon at the Toronto and Thornhill the volume of gel injected will be controlled, so that the volume of the lips is monitored and distortion or excessive growth avoided.

The definition of the “cupid’s bow” and the vermillion border will be carefully controlled to preserve a natural appearance, and the size of your lips will be in general proportion to the dimensions of your face.

Other areas of lip enhancement can be performed, including removal of the lines at the sides of the mouth to produce a younger and more smiling appearance, smoothing away of the marionette lines that form at the corner of the lips and downwards, and the greater definition of the ridges that run between the nostrils and the lips.

Reduction of the vertical lines on the upper lip, often caused by smoking, can also be undertaken.

Requirements and solutions will be discussed during your consultation with our specialist to see if you are a good candidate for lip enlargement, and the areas to be treated will be decided upon. A numbing cream will be applied to your lips so that no pain is felt from the injection, and once the filler is in place the specialist will massage the areas to create a smooth and natural result.

The injections can be given over several appointments until the desired appearance is achieved, and the results will be seen immediately. Some puffing of the lips is to be expected after the injections, but this will subside within a few days.

There will be no undesired side effects, and although it is recommended that applying makeup be avoided for a few hours after treatment, your speech will sound perfectly normal and eating will present no difficulties. Following completion of the treatment session, you may make an immediate return to your usual daily routine.

Lip Injection Before and After

before and after lip augmentation

Before and After Lip Augmentation

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