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Chin & Cheek Augmentation in Toronto & Thornhill

Few of us are born with perfectly formed facial structure, and as we age the gradual degrading of tissue means that our face loses the appearance of fullness and the structural deficiencies become even more apparent.

chin cheek augmentation procedureYoung and middle-aged people will consider the augmentation of cheeks and chin to enhance the qualities that nature gave them, while those who are advancing in years will consider this form of cosmetic surgery as a way of fending off the signs of aging.

Augmentation of the cheeks and the chin can be undertaken with silicon implants, but dermal fillers are also highly effective as they restore skin volume and smooth away wrinkles.

There are several types of filler available for cheek augmentation, and a consultation with our cosmetic surgeon will lead to a recommendation based on the desired effect beneath the skin that will add sufficient contours to the surface.

The filler injections take only a brief time, usually 30 minutes, and an anaesthetic lotion is applied to the area beforehand to control the mild discomfort as the needle injects the filler into the cheek area.

Results should be seen immediately, although there may be some swelling that can at first make the area look a little fuller than was anticipated, and this will subside over the course of the following few weeks.

The chin and jawline are other parts of the face that can give rise to low self-esteem, or cause dismay as we age.

A weak or receding chin, dimples and wrinkles on the chin, and a sagging jawline as the skin ages and loosens are all common causes of complaint, but they can be treated with dermal fillers to achieve a desired appearance and to keep the signs of the aging process at bay.

Again, different gel products are available for specific functions, and our specialist will know exactly which to use either individually or in combination to sculpt, shape, and enhance your chin or jawline.

A detailed personal consultation at Toronto and Thornhill will produce an agreed aesthetic, and the treatment can begin immediately. The injections will generally take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the desired effect, and a lunchtime visit with an immediate return to work is entirely possible.

The period during which the effects of the treatment will last depends upon the individual, but mostly it is around six months and in some cases a full year. When the results begin to dissipate the treatment can be repeated, for as many return visits as you wish. This allows you to make slight changes to your appearance in line with the advancing years.

Men and women alike opt for this form of cosmetic surgery, with men frequently wishing to give themselves a more robust appearance and women desiring a more clearly defined look. Our skilled specialists have long experience working with both sexes and will discuss your underlying needs so that the treatment brings the results that you had in mind, while ensuring that the enhancements are completely natural.