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Wrinkle Treatment in Toronto and Thornhill

Skin is wonderfully elastic but as we age it becomes less so. The muscles beneath the skin work continually, and the skin develops permanent creases which are the lines and wrinkles that we have gained through a lifetime’s smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions.

wrinkle treatment procedureThat means crow’s feet around the eyes, lines along the forehead, furrows from nose to mouth, and other assorted crinkles. We begin to fear we are looking aged, or tired, or even unhappy. Sometimes we begin to lose a little self-confidence.

The discovery that Botox can relax these muscles has made an immense change to the way in which cosmetic surgery works. A simple injection, taking on average only between 10 and 20 minutes, can transform a person’s appearance, for with the muscles relaxed the skin has the chance to smoothen out and once more look fresh and supple.

Your consultation will reveal to us your medical history, your aesthetic wishes, and also address any concerns you have about Botox treatments and after-effects.

A specialist in facial anatomy, who has a close understanding of these complex muscle groups, will supervise the injection process. Our practitioners are all highly experienced in dealing with patients from many different backgrounds.

We will also explain how many units of Botox you will need, and hence the cost.

When we have fully agreed on what you require from your treatment, a small measure of Botox is injected with a syringe directly into the selected muscle. A super-fine needle is used to minimise any discomfort and bruising, and most people feel only a prodding and tingling sensation when the injections are being performed.

A single session will generally last between 10 and 20 minutes, which means that it can be done in your lunch hour, and as the after-effects are likely to be minimal you can return to work the same day with no one being any the wiser about your treatment. All you are likely to experience in the way of discomfort is some redness and maybe a little swelling in the injection site area, but this will subside within a few days, at the outside. We will provide you with all aftercare instructions at Toronto and Thornhill.

No immediate effects will be seen, but after one or two days the skin will start to smooth itself and the full effect will become visible within one to two weeks.

The Botox will stay in the injected muscle, without entering any other area of your face, but it will gradually metabolize and be broken down into a natural by-product. This means that eventually the muscle will become as active as before, and that your skin will resume its wrinkles. The period during which this happens varies from person to person, but is generally between three and six months.

This is why repeat visits will be necessary, but continuous Botox injections over a number of years have been found to cause the muscles to relax naturally and consequently your visits will become fewer.

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