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Masseter Muscle Weakening in Toronto & Thornhill

The masseter muscle is used for chewing food, and under certain circumstances the muscle can become more prominent. As with any muscle it increases in size with exercise, which along with eating can include teeth clenching and gum chewing.

masseter muscle weakening treatmentWith the increase in size of this muscle, the jawline can become over developed or square, which can drastically change a person’s appearance. Bulges can appear, the outline of the face can become distorted, and the general effect can be to add unwanted and unwelcome years to your general appearance.

Botox injections into this muscle will, as with other Botox treatments, block the signals sent from the nerves to the muscle. This will gradually weaken the muscle, and it will atrophy and become smaller over time.

In this way, you can change the outline of your face, making it appear slimmer and more clearly defined as your jawline loses the extra muscle.

Our consultant at Angel Gloss clinic in Toronto and Thornhill, a specialist in facial muscles and bone structure, will discuss with you the likely results of your treatment, and ascertain any medical conditions you may have, along with any medications you may be taking. This will help to avoid any after-effects, which in any case are rare with Botox treatments.

The injections will typically take about 20 minutes, using a very fine needle and if you wish, the application of a lotion that will anaesthetize the immediate area so that you do not feel even the tiny pinprick of the injection.

The entire procedure is so quick and easy that afterwards you can continue with your usual daily activities with little or no discomfort.

The first results will be seen about a week after the injection, as the masseter muscle softens and retracts. The line of your jaw will continue to soften visibly over the following weeks, the full effect being seen between six and eight weeks after the treatment.

Injections into the masseter muscle will not affect your eating, and the Botox will not migrate from the injection site into other areas of your face.

Botox is not permanent, as it is gradually metabolized as a completely natural process, and follow-up treatments will be needed every few months if you wish to retain your new appearance. Many people who have undergone the masseter treatment do report a permanent change after a few further sessions, and a decreased frequency of the injections is a realistic possibility.

The results of this form of Botox treatment can be quite dramatic in terms of appearance, as the muscle is fairly large and contributes substantially to the profile of your jaw. Treatment will make a face appear less square, and it will correct the sagging of age.

Botox can reduce a man’s jowls and produce a sculpted effect for a woman requiring a more delicate jawline. For both men and women it will be a positive enhancement, no matter which stage of life you have reached or what objectives you have in mind for your appearance.