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BOTOX Injections in Toronto & Thornhill

Botox injections at Angel Gloss Clinic are a quick and simple way of improving a person’s appearance through the smoothing away of lines and wrinkles and performed for men and women in Toronto and Thornhill area. The procedure is undertaken by certified medical professionals, causes little or no discomfort, and takes only a matter of minutes.

botox njection proceduresBotox is the brand name for (Botulinum-toxin) type A, a substance that was originally developed to care for muscle confusion and was subsequently found to be suitable for cosmetic apply, as it relaxes the muscles so as to reason wrinkles.

Other uses have followed. Botox injections can now be used to change the outline of the jaw, reduce sweating at any part of the body, and there are even treatments that relieve the chronic pain of migraines.

There are some misconceptions about Botox, but it is one of the most recognized prescription products in the world and has changed the lives of millions of people.

One of the common misconceptions is that Botox when used to smooth out wrinkles in the face will eradicate facial expressions. Skilled treatment will in fact only soften facial lines and leave a perfectly natural appearance.

A plastic surgeon, dermatologist or nurse injects the Botox into the muscle, which chunk the release of a chemical called acetylcholine, stopping signals starting the nerves teach the muscles to bond.

The Botox stays in the locality of the injection site, and does not stray into other muscles or parts of the body.

We always carry out a personal consultation before beginning a course of Botox injections at Toronto and Thornhill. This is performed by a medical specialist who will discuss the entire procedure and undertake an analysis to determine exactly what needs to be done, and where.

If you wish the injections can start immediately after your consultation, or they can be scheduled for later.

A very well needle is used for injecting the tiny measures of Botox, and at most you will feel only a pinprick or a tingling. An anaesthetic lotion can be applied to the injection area beforehand if preferred, and even the application of an icepack will numb the skin sufficiently that the needle cannot be felt.

Other misconceptions revolve around side effects and allergies, and our consultant will discuss your medical history, including any medications you have been taking, to minimize any discomfort. You may practice a little soreness or localized discomfort but this will soon pass, and meanwhile you may resume your usual daily activities directly after leaving the clinic.

The effects of Botox injections will not be immediately apparent, only beginning to show a day or two after the treatment and taking up to 2 weeks for the full effect to be revealed.

Botox injections are not permanent, as gradually the Botox will be metabolized. On average, the effects will last between three and six months before repeat injections are needed. There is no limit to the number of occasions that injections can be performed over time, and many regular users report that gradually their muscles “learn” to relax of their own accord, reducing the need for repeat visits.

Pros And Cons Of Botox Injections

Botox Pros

  1. Wrinkles make you look old, tired and weak. They may appear as a negative enforcer on people around you. They may start taking you for granted. Botox is a quick easy fix.
  2. It is simply the best possible solution. No matter how much compact powder or lotion you dip your face into, those wrinkles cannot be hidden.
  3. It brings up your self-confidence. If you look good, you’re more confident about yourself. Hence, you become more capable.
  4. If you’re in showbiz or a model or in film industry, or the face of any brand, you will need Botox. If you show up to work with wrinkles on your face, chances are it will be your last day at work.
  5. Some recent studies have shown that Botox can actually be used to treat bladder disorders by injecting it directly into the bladder.

That was all for the pros. Botox has some cons as well that you should be aware of.

Botox Cons

  1. Headaches. They are more common than you think. Often people using Botox are not able to link up their headaches with this drug but most of the time, this drug is behind those severe migraine attacks.
  2. Redness. When you inject yourself with Botox, you can actually see your skin turning red particularly on your face because facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of the body.
  3. Many women who use this drug complain of fever and cold after taking the injections.
  4. Back pain is another side-effect this drug inflicts on the user. Women often also complain of pain in their neck.
  5. Botox makes you look younger by temporarily paralyzing your skin. This means that your facial muscles will not be able to move as easily. This is why many women experience difficulty bringing expressions like smiling, anger, disgust etc. on their face.
  6. Bruising is another common effect. If you’re taking Botox injections, bruises of these injections may appear on your face for a long time and they can’t be hidden that easily since they’re on the face.

So it’s all just a trade-off. Botox may have wonderful benefits but it does come with some baggage. It’s not all about the wonders. It brings some side-effects as well. But not everyone experiences these side-effects. It varies greatly from person to person. So if you’re willing to take the risk and live in Toronto or Thornhill, get outside and drop by Angel Gloss Clinic to get Botox. What you must realize is that it can change your life in a lot of ways, good or bad.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re aging and wrinkles are starting to appear on your face, chances are that you’ve already heard about the Botox treatment and you’ve actually thought about getting one for yourself. After all, we all do like to be at our absolute best physically. Nevertheless, if you’ve been thinking about a Botox treatment, there must be a million questions eating your brain. Through this blog we’ll try to answer a few of these questions are most frequently asked by people interested in the Botox treatment.

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How safe is the treatment? Can its effectiveness be prolonged? How many times can you get injected?
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